Welcome to gallerymcmahon.com,
the Cyberspace manifestation of the Realspace
The Gallery McMahon,
Mark and Carolyn McMahon, artists and proprietors.

Located at:

321 Ridge Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045
tel: 847.295.2604
email: gallery@gallerymcmahon.com

 A primary purpose of The Gallery McMahon is to celebrate the art of the numerous McMahons. As The Gallery McMahon is brand new so gallerymcmahon.com is also new.

 Initially, the purpose of gallerymcmahon.com is to point viewers to the various McMahon related Web sites. Eventually we could have our own E-Art shopping cart as well as news and views of the numerous McMahons.

 Artist Franklin has his work on two Web sites. There is the one he set up for a series of exhibits related to the 1996 Political Conventions in Chicago and San Diego. This site was featured on MSNBC during the conventions. Franklin also has Art in the on-line collection of Corbis Images.

  Artists Mark, Carolyn, and Franklin McMahon have a site featuring their paintings, ceramic tile murals, giclee prints, seragraphs, silk screens, greeting cards, and tiles emphasizing Chicago subjects.

 Pumpkin Carver - Artist Hugh is on a site describing his efforts as a world famous pumpkin carver.

 Sculptor Margot has a site describing her work with a detailed map to her sculptures in the Chicago area.

 Photographer - Webmaster Frank, the keeper of this site, has a number of sites related to his various endeavors. There is his main Web site, his auto-biographical Web site and the site describing his Web Development efforts.

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